From The Ground Up



In 2010 I lived and worked in a glassblowing shop while studying chemistry and museum conservation at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. I have been blowing glass ever since.

I taught a Supplemental Instruction Chemistry class and worked in an Organic Chemistry lab, which helped me solidify my understanding of Chemistry, which in turn enhances my understanding of the inherent properties and behavior of my mediums.

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My Studio

Equipped with a lifetime's collection of purchased and inherited tools and machines dedicated to lampwork, metalsmithing, and lapidary. For the first time, I have a studio space to myself organized my way. While I work, I listen to a rotating collection of borrowed records from friends and family on a gifted record player or tune in to the local "tiki-taka's" on the radio.

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Show Life

Since June 2017 I have been traveling to sell my art at various art shows, festivals, and markets, nearly every weekend. At first, I limited myself to Arizona, then grew to include Chicago, IL and Denver, CO in 2018. Next year, I will try California and Texas. I camp when possible to enjoy our public lands and to save up for the future.


On the Road

It has been an illuminating experience living the traveling life. I take pleasure in the little things, like logically and efficiently packing the camp box all the way to the entire contents of my 2000 Dodge Caravan. The awe-inspiring landscapes of North America certainly ease the discomfort of long cramped hours, gas-station bathrooms, and chronic trucker tan.


Satellite Studios

The From The Ground Up Art studio is a home base from which I have been able to launch myself into the show lifestyle. Fortunately, I have been able to expand my circuit by setting up shop with family members across the country who have been kind enough to open their homes to me and my work.