From The Ground Up

From start to finish, every piece is made from raw materials, by my hand, to create one of a kind pieces of art.
— Jackson Ocheltree


I am a lampworker specializing in borosilicate glass art. I make intricate glass orbs, vessels, and jewelry employing techniques such as fuming and implosion. Materials used include gold, silver, colored glass, dichroic glass, and Gilson opals. The glass orbs exhibit an optical illusion of infinity creating a physical space for the mind to wander in. 


My work has always been inspired by nature. I grow plants and succulents that have interesting forms and textures. Using the lost wax casting method, I take the different plant materials and make one of a kind pieces out of silver and bronze. Sometimes, I then set gemstones into the cast pieces, especially my cast prickly pear cactus rings.



 The word lapidary describes the artist, the method, and the product. I am a lapidary, who makes lapidary, by lapidary. I have been shaping stone, minerals, or gemstones into works of art for 15 years. Having these skills and knowledge allows me to control all the design elements of my jewelry and create each piece from the ground up.


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My Make Space

Located off Patagonia Highway near Nogales, Arizona nestled in the rugged hills of the Sonoran Desert, my studio is equipped with a lifetime's collection of machines and tools dedicated to lapidary, metalsmithing, and lampworking.